Third Resource

Groth, A., & Burgess, A. (n.d.). Male Rape: offenders and victims [Special
     section]. The American Journal of Psychiatry. Retrieved from

This article, which is from a small section of The American Journal of Psychiatry, gives specfic charractieristics of studies taken in a certain community. It states that in this particular study, gender was not an issue. Both men and women were raped, and each time the reason that these men raped their victims was because the offenders ‘got off’ on the feeling of control. This study connects an offenders past experiences, including possible child rape themselves or other unresolved aspects of their lives, to how they treat men or women when they’re older. The American Journal Psychiatry states that these particular men raped for the pure reasons of retaliation or to prove their manhood.

I like this section from the web-journal because it gives me examples of specific offenders and what’s going through their heads that makes them decide to sexually assault another person.

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