Brain Storming

  • What are the characteristics of rapists?
  • What are the early signs of an unstable person?
  • What kind of people become rapists?
  • What drives someone to degrade another person like that?
  • Do they just get off on having that much control?
  • Are they sexist & hate women?
  • Do they love women?
  • Do they lead double lives?
  • How do they feel after raping someone?
  • Are the rapes spontaneous?
  • Are they planned?
  • Do they have specific types or like to mix it up?
  • Do they like to know their victims or be complete strangers?
  • Do they stalk their victims previous to the attack?
  • Do they use condoms?
  • Do they want their victims to feel pain?
  • Are they nice to their victims?
  • Do they have preferred ages?
  • Could anyone be a rapist?
  • What can they do to get help?

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